Thursday, November 19, 2009

Embracing The Enchanted Life

Are the Key words in these two statements interchangable?
I was motivated to stop smoking when I learned of the health risks involved in the habit, the information moved me to action.
The amazing accomplishments of Jack Lalaine has inspired me to reach for a healthier life. Seeing the results of his life inspired me to seek my own wellspring of power.
There is often a confusion of using the words inspire and motivate interchangeable... these two words could not be more different.. by definition

Motivate - to move to cause movement from outside through force or power from an outside source.
One might use the analogy of a football... it is resilient, and strong but it cannot activate itself to action.. The only way that it moves is because an outside force activates it and carries it forth. It can withstand and survive all sorts of obstacles but it still is not powered from within. If the outside force is removed it looses momentum and stops. It does not have the ability to change anything that it encounters except by force and the force is supplied by the outside energy that is applied to it not through it.

Inspire from the root word coil which means to arrange or collect into a shape that is conical in nature. To be come pointed or focused in ones purpose.
One could say that they are inspired to change their experience, to create a masterpiece, to live an Enchanted Life.
One might use the analogy of a spring when thinking of inspiration.
If inspiration is thought of a spring being able to flow effortlessly while being supplied by Source the headwaters, The source lifts and elevates and overflows the spring constantly adding to be the stream of ideas, of goodness of creativity....
Many people speak of the flow and going with the flow or being in the stream.
In order to tap into your Enchanted Life you must become the spring, the stream the source.
When you are the stream you are no longer buffeted by the objects that you encounter, nor do you push against them, instead your action, your essence acts upon all that it encounters, not through its intention but simply by being what it is.
As the stream, Source, there is no need to move the obstacles, the stream moves effortlessly on its way embracing and bathing all that it encounters with the essence of itself. It does not seek to change or move , it flows - It is not going with the flow - it is fed by source and moves as if it is guided by the headwaters.. not because they are directing it but because they continue to feed it.. to source it to give it more of itself.
So it is with us when we are Embracing the Enchanted Life we need not have God or Source direct us so much as fuel us, our only task is to remain open to the essence of being. We through the nature of that essence then have the power to move with ease in all of our actions, knowing that all is always in perfect order. That is the core of Embracing the Enchanted Life.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two New Offerings - Been Busy

Been a while!.. Many new experiences.. I am teaching ... Finally! on a site called Edufire. Http://
I had my first class on the Healing power of Gemstones as a FREE introductory and then another titled Craft to Cash about becoming a Soloprenurer and both of them are for the introduction for Mini-Seminar on the same subjects.
Will share more soon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thought and musings from the edge of ....

Inspired by reading Seth Godin:
Leaders don't have things happen to them. They do things.

Old stories are used to rationalize inaction. New stories create new realities.

Sheep walking-the outcome of hiring people who have been raised to be obedient and giving them brain dead jobs and enough fear to keep them in line-Seth Godin

Isn't it sad that some people have jobs where they spend two weeks avoiding the stuff they have to do fifty weeks a year.

Our stories are our picture of the world. Whatever we tell ourselves is the truth now and as we repeat it, it becomes the future present.
Create the story that you would not mind living for an eternity!
All is Well!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Power of the Story

Today I was attending a Toastmasters speech contest and one of the speakers gave a rendition of an event that happened to him at 13 years of age that has obviously marked his reality for a lifetime and at this point he is probably in his late 60's.
He had been in attendance at early Hitler rallies as a youth of 13 and later became a minion of the Hitler Agenda. He obviously is deeply disturbed by his participation and is troubled lest the same thing should happen again to some other "innocent" as he put it.
Upon deeper questioning and conversation it seems that from a very early age this man had been conditioned to follow rather than lead, to accept authority rather than engage critical thinking, from his father, from the men in authority in his life and finally from Hitler.
As a result the story that he tells himself is that men of Authority have steered him wrong and he has proof that he is correct.
When invited to look for the men who had a message of any sort that had been benevolent and who had done good in the world he really didn't have a story only what he did not want.
I invite myself to remember the examples of the right and good things that I have experienced in my life.
All is truly well

Friday, September 4, 2009

Excited and Contemplative

Have you ever had one of those days when thoughts just run amuck in your head for no apparent reason and that they are saying things that you would never consciously say!!? Today has been like that... I find myself observing the story that is running in my head and thinking... "Who is thinking these thoughts?"
When my mind runs amuck I call it in check with good music... positive words and a catchy beat and melody, uplifting visuals, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Abraham, and the other plethora of self help folk out there for the asking but in the long run I know that I am going to have to learn to do this solo without the aid of outside intervention.
I just received the Centerpointe meditation kit and I am excited to see if it can help me train my mind to still and focus on the task at hand rather than whatever random thoughts happen to be floating by.
I watched a video about the ability of thoughts to create reality and was again reminded of the importance of staying clear about my intention to live the good life and to see the reality that i am choosing to experience.

The Power of The Word

It has been my observation for years that what we think is important and affects our experience, and what we say and write is even more powerful. The bible, many mainstream spiritual texts, and even pagan texts and teachings tell us that the word has power,... spells, sounds and vibration have been used to create reality for eons and it is my strong knowing that the words we "story" manifests themselves into matter.

Today I was speaking with someone at the shop and they were saying how whenever they come to Kona the days are just beautiful, I remember this morning thinking how beautiful and clear the sky was and how wonderful it was to experience the Kona winds again.

Today I described the "green flash" to several visitors and guess what!!! Tonight on my way to have a little drive in the beautiful evening I watched the "Green Flash" from my car and when I reached the Queens Shops, the Kona winds were sweeping the island with their gentle caress.
My words and my attention has certianly "Mattered" into a most joyful experience for me today.